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Greetings of the mayor


Dolores opens the world through this web. In it you can find all the information related to our municipality. News that give account of municipal management, culture, parties, youth, trade, leisure, municipal services, employment, police …

Dolores has been able to combine tradition and progress in perfect harmony, defending and preserving the former, without renouncing the latter. A merit of its inhabitants that is transferred to the visitors. We are not a large town in number of inhabitants, but in values ​​and traditions. An integrating people that is progressing modernized every day, thanks in large part to our young people.

We have tried to take advantage of the opportunity that the New Technologies offer us to exercise a communication with the neighbors of Dolores, which we pretend to be open, transparent, honest, truthful, close. That is why we have also opted for another tool like Facebook, much more interactive, which generates feedback, feedback and therefore allows us to get your opinion and suggestions in a simple and fast.

However we know that much work remains to be done, to incorporate new communication tools with citizens, more formalities that can be carried out electronically. We know it and we are working to improve that relationship, to always walk forward.

Thank you for entering our website!

José Joaquín Hernández Sáez– Mayor of Dolores

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