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The lemon tree originates from northern Burma and southern China. In the western world it was first cultivated on the Italian peninsula and in Sicily. Its cultivation in Palestine was implanted in century XIII, arriving later to be imposed in Spain, in the semi-arid zones of Murcia and Alicante. He then moved to the United States, especially in the California area. Lemons are produced throughout our region, with Albatera being one of the main citrus producers in the region.

The two most important varieties, cultivated in the Valencian Community, of Spanish origin and in order of importance, are: Verna and Fino.

The cultivation of the lemon depends on the variety in question, since according to the time of collection, the amounts of water and fertilization are varied. The lemon verna, mainly cultivated in Albatera, is collected in a staggered way and offers during the year several harvests, since the fruits remain in the tree long periods of time without losing quality and the tree reflorece with facility.